Online Advertising and Big Tech – The Privacy Battleground

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti Big Tech and Online Advertising For a long period of time, the big tech companies (principally Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google) have dominated the online advertising sphere, through selling access to or carrying out targeted advertisements on their platforms. Nevertheless, this business model caused privacy concerns, not least for the individuals whose behaviourContinue reading “Online Advertising and Big Tech – The Privacy Battleground”

Algorithms and School Grades: An impossible combination?

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti Popular algorithms are dictating every aspect of our daily lives. From marking exam papers, influencing what we buy on a daily basis, to dictating news that pops up on our apps and social media feeds. But often no one knows how they do it, so no one is accountable. We are at aContinue reading “Algorithms and School Grades: An impossible combination?”

Microsoft and TikTok: A smart acquisition?

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti In a summer dominated by the Schrems II decision invalidating the EU-US Privacy Shield, the news story that continues to dominate business headlines is Microsoft’s pursuit of acquiring TikTok’s US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand operations. While the subject of privacy may feel like a subject that has been done to death over the lastContinue reading “Microsoft and TikTok: A smart acquisition?”

Privacy and security challenges with the Irish smart metering roll-out

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti & Abhay Soorya Background Smart meters, which involve energy suppliers deploying devices that allow both customers and providers to monitor consumption and usage trends, are a core component of the move towards ‘Smart Homes’ and ‘Smart Grids’ as part of the growth of the Internet of Things. In Ireland, smart metering is aContinue reading “Privacy and security challenges with the Irish smart metering roll-out”

Time for large GDPR fines: ICO announces intention for £282m in penalties on BA and Marriott

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced, on 9th July, its intention to fine Marriott International, a hotel chain, over £99m, following an investigation into a major data breach last year. This update occurs the same week that the ICO had issued a similar notice to fine British Airways (BA) over £183m in relationContinue reading “Time for large GDPR fines: ICO announces intention for £282m in penalties on BA and Marriott”