Legitimate Interests: Balancing your business operations with individual rights

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti Introduction Even since before the GDPR, legitimate interests have been one of the most frequent bases that organisations have relied upon to justify processing personal data. However, the GDPR placed increased obligations and scrutiny on this practice. Particularly in industries where business models are increasingly based around the use of personal information, understandingContinue reading “Legitimate Interests: Balancing your business operations with individual rights”

Further regulation for AI? European Commission releases ethics guidelines

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti On the 8th April, the European Commission’s High Level Expert Group on AI released their Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, focusing on outlining various ethical and moral principles for ‘trustworthy AI’, including that such systems be lawful (including the data used therein), ethical (in terms of compliance with core principles and values) andContinue reading “Further regulation for AI? European Commission releases ethics guidelines”

Some thoughts on the Copyright Directive

Much has been written about the new EU initiative currently awaiting approval by the Council. Few issues seem to spark such fierce debates within the internet and technology community as those pertaining to copyright enforcement. This is nothing new. What is new, however, is perhaps the extent tech giants are able to capitalise on thisContinue reading “Some thoughts on the Copyright Directive”

The Singapore PDPC’s record fines signal growing scrutiny of IT security outsourcing arrangements

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti The Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore has recently fined two companies operating in the healthcare sector (a healthcare provider, SingHealth, and its IT provider, IHiS) its highest ever fines of SGD 250,000 and SGD 750,000 respectively, for their failure to put into place adequate data security measures that exacerbated the effects ofContinue reading “The Singapore PDPC’s record fines signal growing scrutiny of IT security outsourcing arrangements”

EDPS’ issues first ‘Technology Report’ on Smart Glasses

Kaveh Cope-Lahooti & Abhay Soorya The European Data Protection Supervisor, the authority responsible for overseeing the compliance of EU institutions with privacy and data protection norms, recently published an analysis of the deployment of Smart Glasses in its first technology report, in which it brings to light a variety of market and compliance issues withContinue reading “EDPS’ issues first ‘Technology Report’ on Smart Glasses”